Friday, April 13, 2012

Nepali Bhitte Patro Calendar - 2069

Update (Feb 24, 2013): Nepali Calendar 2070 important dates now posted!

Some may call it Nepali Calendar while others might call it Nepali Patro or Bhitte Patro. And there are so many different ones available – Jagadamba, Toyanath Pant, and many others.

In any case, I wanted to get my hands on one, and searched a lot on the web. I wanted to get some Nepali dates and tithis. There are some online Nepali calendars, but they were not detailed enough. For example, is the correct purnima on a Friday or Saturday? Or is my Nepali birthday on the 10th or the 11th? How about when Fulpati, Dashain Tika, Laxmi Pooja, or Bhai Tika is? I couldn’t accurately answer these questions unless I was looking at a bhitte patro (or, a  regular, pocket patro).

So the question was where could I find the Nepali Bhitte Patro Calendar for 2069? As I mentioned above, I looked around a lot without much success. However, someone I knew had received a link for a 2069 Bhitte Patro in his Facebook account. He sent it to me and I downloaded the PDF version. It’s a copy of the Jagadamba Bhitte Patro – 2069.

So here I am… I’ve uploaded the PDF here and you too can download the Nepali Calendar. It’s designed very well and is quite extensive. Download your 2069 Nepali Patro today. It's around 6MB, so have patience if your internet connection is slow.

Some Important Dates in 2069 B.S. (2012 - 2013)

EventNepali DateEnglish Date
New Year's DayBaishakh 1April 13
Mata Tirtha (Mother's Day)Baishakh 9April 21
Buddha JayantiBaishakh 24May 6
Ganatantra Diwas (Republic Day)Jestha 15May 28
Guru PurnimaAshadh 19July 3
Ghantakarna - Gathe MangalShrawan 2July 17
Nag PanchamiShrawan 9July 24
Janai Purnima - Raksha BandhanShrawan 18August 2
Gai JatraShrawan 19August 3
Krishna JanmashtamiShrawan 25August 9
Kushe Aunshi (Father's Day)Bhadra 1August 17
Haritalika - TeejAshwin 2September 18
Rishi PanchamiAshwin 4September 20
Indra JatraAshwin 13September 29
Ghatasthapana (Dashain Begins)Ashwin 30October 16
Fulpati (7th day of Dashain)Kartik 5October 21
Maha Ashtami (8th day of Dashain)Kartik 6October 22
Maha Nawami (9th day of Dashain)Kartik 7October 23
Bijaya Dashami (10th day of Dashain)Kartik 8October 24
Kojagrat Purnima (Dashain ends)Kartik 13October 29
Deepawali - Laxmi PoojaKartik 28November 13
Gai TiharKartik 29November 14
Bhai TikaKartik 30November 15
Chhat ParbaMangshir 4November 19
Bibah PanchamiPoush 2December 17
Christmas DayPoush 10December 25
National Unification DayPoush 27January 11
Maghe SakrantiMagh 1January 14 (2013)
Shahid Diwas (Martyrs' Day)Magh 16January 29
Basanta PanchamiFalgun 4February 15
Democracy DayFalgun 7February 18
Women's DayFalgun 25March 8
Maha ShivaratriFalgun 27March 10
Fagu Purnima (Holi)Chaitra 13March 26
Holi in TeraiChaitra 14March 27
Ghode JatraChaitra 28April 10
New Year's Day - 2070Baishakh 1April 14


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. Do you have the 2070 patro? When (or where) can I get it?

Nepali Blogger said...

I don't have 2070 Nepali Patro yet. If I recall correctly, calendars for the upcoming year are not available until around (~January). I'll post it as soon as I get something.

Anonymous said...

Could you please post 2070 Patro with marriage dates of baisakh month? I heard the Patro is already in market.I would be thankful to u if you post it as soon as possible..

Thank you in advance..

Anonymous said...

Can you please advice when does 2070 patro with detail marriage dates will arrive?

Ashesh Shrestha said...

Thanks for your effort! For new Nepali Calendar visit this link here: Most attractive Nepali Calendar with all major upcoming events!

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