Monday, February 25, 2013

2070 Nepali Dates in Google Calendar

I have just added all the important dates in 2070 to Google calendar. It also includes all the tithis (तिथि) in 2070. Better yet, I've also added all dates in the Bikram Sambat from the year 1990 B.S.

The Google calendar is embedded below. Important dates in 2070 (including marriage dates) are in there. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

2070 Wedding Dates - Bibah Muhurta

I just posted the Calendar for 2070. When I posted the Bhitte Patro for 2069 last year, one of the things readers wanted me to post was wedding dates (बिबाह मुहुर्त) for the year 2070. So I did some research and here is the list. These are supposed to be auspicious marriage dates in 2070.

Wedding Dates in 2070 Nepali Calendar

बैशाख (Baishakh 2070 Marriage Dates)
  • २४ गते, त्रयोदशी  - Tue, May 7
  • २९ गते, द्वितिया - Sun, May 12
  • ३० गते, अक्षय तृतीया  - Mon, May 13
जेठ (Jestha 2070 Marriage Dates)
  • १० गते, चतुर्दशी  - Fri, May 24
  • ११ गते, बुद्ध जयन्ती  - Sat, May 25
  • १२ गते, प्रतिपदा - Sun, May 26
  • १३ गते, द्वितिया - Mon, May 27
  • १४ गते, चतुर्थी  - Tue, May 28
  • १५ गते, पंचमी  - Wed, May 29
  • १९ गते, नवमी  - Sun, Jun 2
  • २० गते, दशमी  - Mon, Jun 3
  • ४ गते, अष्टमी  - Sat, May 18
  • ६ गते, दशमी  - Mon, May 20
  • ७ गते, एकादशी  - Tue, May 21
  • ९ गते, त्रयोदशी  - Thu, May 23
असार (Ashadh 2070 Marriage Dates)
  • २७ गते, तृतीया  - Thu, Jul 11
  • २९ गते, पंचमी  - Sat, Jul 13
कार्तिक (Kartik 2070 Marriage Dates)
  • २७ गते, एकादशी  - Wed, Nov 13
  • २८ गते, द्वादशी  - Thu, Nov 14
मङ्सिर (Mangsir 2070 Marriage Dates)
  • १२ गते, नवमी  - Wed, Nov 27
  • १३ गते, दशमी  - Thu, Nov 28
  • १४ गते, एकादशी  - Fri, Nov 29
  • १५ गते, द्वादशी  - Sat, Nov 30
  • २० गते, तृतीया  - Thu, Dec 5
  • २५ गते, अष्टमी  - Tue, Dec 10
  • २६ गते, नवमी  - Wed, Dec 11
  • ३ गते, प्रतिपदा - Mon, Nov 18
  • ४ गते, द्वितिया - Tue, Nov 19
  • ५ गते, तृतीया  - Wed, Nov 20
माघ (Magh 2070 Marriage Dates)
  • १२ गते, दशमी  - Sun, Jan 26
  • १४ गते, द्वादशी  - Tue, Jan 28
  • २० गते, चतुर्थी  - Mon, Feb 3
  • २१ गते, बसन्त पंचमी  - Tue, Feb 4
  • ५ गते, तृतीया  - Sun, Jan 19
  • ६ गते, चतुर्थी  - Mon, Jan 20
  • ८ गते, षष्ठी  - Wed, Jan 22
फागुन (Falgun 2070 Marriage Dates)
  • ५ गते, द्वितिया - Mon, Feb 17
  • ८ गते, पंचमी  - Thu, Feb 20
  • ९ गते, षष्ठी  - Fri, Feb 21
A disclaimer though: due to the differences in astrological calculations, I take no responsibility for the full accuracy of these dates. These dates are correct as far as I know, but still may contain errors that are unbeknownst to me.

Nepali Calendar 2070 -- Important Dates

When I posted 2069 Bhitte Patro last year, I never expected the response to be so positive. Many of you have viewed and downloaded the Nepali calendar for 2069 and have asked that I post the calendar for 2070. I had to scramble to find the right dates and ensure that everything is correct. So here it is:

2070 Nepali Patro (Calendar) - Festivals, Celebrations and Holidays

Sun - Apr 14
Fri - Apr 19
Wed - Apr 24
Wed - May 1
Thu - May 9
Mon - May 13
Sat - May 25
Wed - May 29
Sat - Jun 8
Mon - Jul 22
Sun - Aug 11
Wed - Aug 21
Thu - Aug 22
Wed - Aug 28
Thu - Sep 5
Sun - Sep 8
Mon - Sep 9
Tue - Sep 10
Wed - Sep 18
Fri - Sep 27
Sat - Oct 5
Fri - Oct 11
Sat - Oct 12
Sun - Oct 13
Mon - Oct 14
Fri - Oct 18
Sun - Nov 3
Mon - Nov 4
Tue - Nov 5
Sat - Nov 9
Sun - Nov 17
Mon - Dec 2
Sat - Dec 7
Tue - Dec 17
Wed - Dec 25
Mon - Dec 30
Wed - Jan 1
Wed - Jan 15
Thu - Jan 16
Thu - Jan 30
Fri - Jan 31
Tue - Feb 4
Fri - Feb 7
Fri - Feb 14
Wed - Feb 19
Thu - Feb 27
Sun - Mar 2
Sat - Mar 8
Sun - Mar 16
Mon - Mar 17
Sun - Mar 30
Tue - Apr 8
बैशाख  १
बैशाख  ६
बैशाख  ११
बैशाख  १८
बैशाख  २६
बैशाख  ३०
जेठ  ११
जेठ  १५
जेठ  २५
साउन  ७
साउन  २७
भदौ  ५
भदौ  ६
भदौ  १२
भदौ  २०
भदौ २३
भदौ  २४
भदौ  २५
असोज  २
असोज  ११
असोज  १९
असोज  २५
असोज  २६
असोज  २७
असोज  २८
कार्तिक  १
कार्तिक  १७
कार्तिक  १८
कार्तिक  १९
कार्तिक  २३
मङ्सिर  २
मङ्सिर  १७
मङ्सिर  २२
पुष  २
पुष  १०
पुष  १५
पुष  १७
माघ  १
माघ  २
माघ  १६
माघ  १७
माघ  २१
माघ  २४
फागुन  २
फागुन  ७
फागुन  १५
फागुन  १८
फागुन  २४
चैत  २
चैत  ३
चैत  १६
चैत  २५
नव वर्ष
राम नवमी
लोकतन्त्र दिवस
मजदूर दिवस
आमाको मुख हेर्ने
अक्षय तृतीया
बुद्ध जयन्ती
गणतन्त्र दिवस
बटसावित्री ब्रत
गुरु पूर्णिमा
नाग पंचमी
जनै पूर्णिमा
श्रीकृष्ण जन्माष्टमी
बाबुको मुख हेर्ने
हरितालिका (तीज )
गणेश चतुर्थी
ऋषि पंचमी
जितिया पर्व
बिजया दशमी
कोजाग्रत पूर्णिमा
गोबर्धन पूजा / म्ह पूजा
छठ पर्व
गुरु नानक जयन्ती
बाला चतुर्दशी
बिबाह पंचमी
उधौली पर्व / योमरी पुन्ही
क्रिसमस डे
नयाँ  वर्ष
माघे सक्रान्ति / माघी
स्वस्थानी ब्रतारम्भ
शहिद दिवस
बसन्त पंचमी
स्वस्थानी समाप्त
प्रजातन्त्र दिवस
महिला दिवस
फागु पूर्णिमा
तराईमा होलि
राम नवमी 
New Years Day
Ram Nawami
Loktantra Day
Int'l Labor Day
Mother's Day
Akshaya Tritiya
Buddha Jayanti
Republic Day
Bat Sabitri Brata
Guru Purnima
Naag Panchami
Janai Purnima
Sri Krishnaashtami
Father's Day
Haritalika (Teej)
Ganesh Chaturthi
Rishi Panchami
Indra Jatra
Jitiya Parwa
Maha Ashtami
Maha Nawami
Bijaya Dashami
Kojagrat Purnima
Laxmi Puja
Gowardhan Puja
Bhai Tika
Chhath Parwa
Guru Nanak Day
Bala Chaturdashi
Bibah Panchami
Udhauli / Yomari
Christmas Day
Tamu Lhosar
New Years Day
Maghe Sakranti
Swasthani Purnima
Martyrs Day
Basanta Panchami
Swasthani End
Democracy Day
Maha Shivaratri
Ghyalpo Lhosar
Int'l Women's Day
Fagu Purnima
Holi in Terai
Ghode Jatra
Ram Nawami

As you can see, new year day in the Nepali Year 2070 falls on a Sunday on April 14.

Similarly, Dasain in 2070 starts on Saturday October 5 (Asoj 19) and Bijaya Dashami is on Monday, October 14 (Ashoj 28).

Laxmi Puja in 2070 is on Sunday, November 3 (Kartik 17). For women who celebrate Teej (a national holiday), it's on Sunday, September 8 (Bhadra 23).

I have also gathered marriage dates in 2070 (bibah muhurta) and will share it in a separate post soon. In the meantime, I'm also working on a PDF version of the Nepali Patro for 2070 and will publish that soon as well.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

BRB, PKD, Nepal, Democracy and lol...

It's funny to note that the Nepali social media scene is abuzz with acronyms of political leaders' names.

"BRB thinks he can rule for 20-30 years... how could he?" a Facebook status asks.

"SK thinks BRB is more of a hardliner than PKD," proclaims another Facebook user.

"JNK and KPO say no to CJ as the next PM," a twitter post says.

"Makune is a rudderless weak bastard," a blog post says.

My response to all this? Well, LOL… or lol, depending on whether you prefer upper- or lower-case.

As I look at some of the posters of such statuses, one facinating pattern emerges. Many of them were the same fellows who were vehemently opposing GBBS in favor of GiKo and the gang who were trying to forge an alliance with CPN(M), with India's blessings of course.

Fast forward to today and these "civil society leaders" or "intellectuals" are acting as if they knew all along that BRB, PKD and the Maoists would be so rigid and hard-fisted rulers. Perhaps they did know, but they certainly didn't act like they did. For whatever reason, they insisted that any system would be better than GBBS' "autocratic" rule, even if it meant governance buy GiKo's alliance with the Maoists.

To understand how flawed this argument was, let's go back to GiKo – Girija Prasad Koirala – who I think was the worst political leader in Nepal's history. His alliance included JNK (Jhal Nath Khanal), KPO (KP Oli), Makune (Madhav Kumar Nepal) and the useless Congressis who had already proven how inept and corrupt they were. And this group was aliging with a murderous clan who had risen to prominence by slaughtering 13,000 Nepalis.

Let me be clear. I am not a Maoist supporter or even sympathiser. In fact I wrote a pretty pessimistic post about likely outcomes of Nepal's political changes back in 2007.

So this Nepali intelligentia was fawning over a return to Democray because GBBS (Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah) was declared this sinister dictator.

Let's see – deaths under the unholi GiKo alliance – over 15,000. Deaths under GBBS – less than 100. And yet the GiKo alliance was a deemed an absolute necessity at that time.

So when the same group of people now bash BRB (Baburam Bhattarai), PKD (Pushpa Kamal Dahal) and the Maoists, one has to wonder if they (the civil society "intellectuals") have any morality left in them. I also wonder if they are nudged by P to spill their venoms once again.

That's P for prabhu (God) – our friendly neighbor on the south. Like I said before… lol!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Protesting Ex-King Gyanendra's Movements - Misplaced Priorities

An interesting news item caught my eyes lately. Former King Gyanendra Shah had planned to visit a few districts in Central-Western Nepal. It was a religious trip, or so he claimed.

Firs let;s go back about five years. Our "world class" politicians, who have failed to produce a constitution primarily because the major parties were unable (or unwilling) to agree on certain "thorny" issues, claimed that the king and palace were so unpopular that Nepalis would rejoice when monarchy was abolished. They also guaranteed that since all ills of Nepal were caused by the monarchy, Nepal's path to prosperity would be clear and rapid when monarchy fell. And, indeed, monarchy fell!

Fast forward to today and, in a rare show of unity, the UML, Maoists, and Nepali Congress decided to call bandhs in the districts that the ex-king were scheduled to visit. Never mind that Gyanendra is now a common citizen guaranteed by the constitution (ooops, we don't have one) and the laws to be able to freely travel within his own country. Never mind, also, that despite the abolition of monarchy, Nepal's ills are still very much alive and kicking. And, did I mention that despite five years of trying, we still don't have a constitution?

Why are the politicians scared of Gyanendra? After all, wasn't he and his family the source of every problem in Nepal? And, by their own claims, wasn't (or isn't) he hated so much by Nepali's that he was forced to vacate his title overnight? Never mind that the body  (CA) that ratified the decision to abolish monarchy proved to be so inept that it had to be dissolved without  having accomplished anything.

Back to the protests about Gyanendra's religious visit. If the politicians are to be believed (that the king was so bad) it is akin to Apple protesting a Chinese company coming out with the "Hi-Phone." And, where was this unity when it came to constitution drafting? One word that keeps on coming to my mind is INEPT. If you are incompetent, your best is so bad that you're always afraid of someone else upstaging you. Isn't that what's happening here? What better an example of misplaced priorities than this?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Nepali Bhitte Patro Calendar - 2069

Update (Feb 24, 2013): Nepali Calendar 2070 important dates now posted!

Some may call it Nepali Calendar while others might call it Nepali Patro or Bhitte Patro. And there are so many different ones available – Jagadamba, Toyanath Pant, and many others.

In any case, I wanted to get my hands on one, and searched a lot on the web. I wanted to get some Nepali dates and tithis. There are some online Nepali calendars, but they were not detailed enough. For example, is the correct purnima on a Friday or Saturday? Or is my Nepali birthday on the 10th or the 11th? How about when Fulpati, Dashain Tika, Laxmi Pooja, or Bhai Tika is? I couldn’t accurately answer these questions unless I was looking at a bhitte patro (or, a  regular, pocket patro).

So the question was where could I find the Nepali Bhitte Patro Calendar for 2069? As I mentioned above, I looked around a lot without much success. However, someone I knew had received a link for a 2069 Bhitte Patro in his Facebook account. He sent it to me and I downloaded the PDF version. It’s a copy of the Jagadamba Bhitte Patro – 2069.

So here I am… I’ve uploaded the PDF here and you too can download the Nepali Calendar. It’s designed very well and is quite extensive. Download your 2069 Nepali Patro today. It's around 6MB, so have patience if your internet connection is slow.

Some Important Dates in 2069 B.S. (2012 - 2013)

EventNepali DateEnglish Date
New Year's DayBaishakh 1April 13
Mata Tirtha (Mother's Day)Baishakh 9April 21
Buddha JayantiBaishakh 24May 6
Ganatantra Diwas (Republic Day)Jestha 15May 28
Guru PurnimaAshadh 19July 3
Ghantakarna - Gathe MangalShrawan 2July 17
Nag PanchamiShrawan 9July 24
Janai Purnima - Raksha BandhanShrawan 18August 2
Gai JatraShrawan 19August 3
Krishna JanmashtamiShrawan 25August 9
Kushe Aunshi (Father's Day)Bhadra 1August 17
Haritalika - TeejAshwin 2September 18
Rishi PanchamiAshwin 4September 20
Indra JatraAshwin 13September 29
Ghatasthapana (Dashain Begins)Ashwin 30October 16
Fulpati (7th day of Dashain)Kartik 5October 21
Maha Ashtami (8th day of Dashain)Kartik 6October 22
Maha Nawami (9th day of Dashain)Kartik 7October 23
Bijaya Dashami (10th day of Dashain)Kartik 8October 24
Kojagrat Purnima (Dashain ends)Kartik 13October 29
Deepawali - Laxmi PoojaKartik 28November 13
Gai TiharKartik 29November 14
Bhai TikaKartik 30November 15
Chhat ParbaMangshir 4November 19
Bibah PanchamiPoush 2December 17
Christmas DayPoush 10December 25
National Unification DayPoush 27January 11
Maghe SakrantiMagh 1January 14 (2013)
Shahid Diwas (Martyrs' Day)Magh 16January 29
Basanta PanchamiFalgun 4February 15
Democracy DayFalgun 7February 18
Women's DayFalgun 25March 8
Maha ShivaratriFalgun 27March 10
Fagu Purnima (Holi)Chaitra 13March 26
Holi in TeraiChaitra 14March 27
Ghode JatraChaitra 28April 10
New Year's Day - 2070Baishakh 1April 14

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Do Nepal's Politicians Have Small Penises?

It is said that men think with their penises. If that is true, do Nepal's politicians have small penises?

One cannot honestly say that Nepali politicians have demonstrated deep and intelligent thoughts about how best to lead Nepal through these important times. Neither have they shown any inclination to work collaboratively to produce the new constitution. If anything, they have been busy bickering and pointing fingers and uttering foolish lines.

Anytime someone says that the constitution will be done in the stipulated time, I cannot help but laugh. I know, this is not a laughing matter, but it's amazing how shallow these leaders appear to be when it comes to thoughtfully articulating a view point, or simply talking about what their vision for Nepal is.

So, if men do think with their penises, and if the thinking of Nepal's men-heavy politicians is so narrow and shallow, isn't it fair to conclude that Nepali politicians have small penises?

What do you guys think?

Friday, February 04, 2011

Nepali Viewpoints - Mean or Simply Nasty?

Three things happened recently in Nepal that made you stop and think about what is means to be a Nepali. The country and the people that took pride on our politeness, helpfulness, courteousness, and plain niceness appear to be leaning towards meanness, if not becoming outright nasty.

First came the “hawai fire” incident involving former prince Paras and Rubel Choudhary, Sujata Koirala’s son-in-law. No matter whose side of the story you believe, it’s difficult to justify Paras’ behavior. But what happened next is even more perplexing. People in the Nepali Congress used the incident to attack Sujata Koirala and opened a criminal probe against Rubel.

Understand that I am not trying to side with Sujata or Rubel. The point is, did Rubel’s misdeeds come to light only after Paras fired at (or near) him? The people who demanded that the government probe Rubel’s involvement with illegal VOIP rackets, didn’t they know that Rubel was breaking the law? If so, why was the demand to prosecute him not made earlier? And, what happened to Sujata’s “roar” that essentially said nobody is above the law and the guilty would be brought to justice?

The second incident involved a UML cadre slapping the party General Secretary Jhalnath Khanal, now the Prime Minster. Sure Jhalnath might be involved in bringing down the government lead by his own party comrade and appears to be not much better than any other average politician. But what kind of precedent does slapping a party leader set? Even worse, the slapper was treated with “abir and mala” for doing a great deed. To me this is not that different than the infamous event where a state-minister slapped a CDO. When we are talking about building a new Nepal, cheap acts like this should have no place.

The third incident involves KP Oli supporting Sher Bahadur Deuba to be the Prime Minister of Nepal. Once again, if you can't support your own party candidate for the PM's post, what does that say about you loyalty, priorities and overall effectiveness as a politician? Oli might have some good things to say at some times, but opposing or undermining Jhalnath's candidacy either means Oli is jealous, or plain stupid. Once again, what kind of precedent does acts like this set?

Building a new system, or a new society might be easier said than done. The main qualities we need in our leaders right now are high integrity, selflessness, and an unwavering love for Nepal. Looking at how things are going, I doubt if we have anyone like that. Sometimes I feel jealous of the people of South Africa, who had a leader like Nelson Mandela to lead their transition from one system to another.