Thursday, April 07, 2011

Do Nepal's Politicians Have Small Penises?

It is said that men think with their penises. If that is true, do Nepal's politicians have small penises?

One cannot honestly say that Nepali politicians have demonstrated deep and intelligent thoughts about how best to lead Nepal through these important times. Neither have they shown any inclination to work collaboratively to produce the new constitution. If anything, they have been busy bickering and pointing fingers and uttering foolish lines.

Anytime someone says that the constitution will be done in the stipulated time, I cannot help but laugh. I know, this is not a laughing matter, but it's amazing how shallow these leaders appear to be when it comes to thoughtfully articulating a view point, or simply talking about what their vision for Nepal is.

So, if men do think with their penises, and if the thinking of Nepal's men-heavy politicians is so narrow and shallow, isn't it fair to conclude that Nepali politicians have small penises?

What do you guys think?