Saturday, September 22, 2007

Linophobia Rules in Nepal !

I have a simple theory on the chaos Nepal is facing today. Linophobia! That's right, it is the inherent hatred, or even phobia, of the Nepali people to wait in line. This phenomena is compounded by a brazen display of "jasko shakti, usko bhakti."

You see it everyday – in bus stops, supermarket cash counters, shops, temples, offices. People, by default, are prone to break out and go to the head of the line without a trace of remorse for the chaos their actions caused. Instead of waiting calmly, there are always people who bolt to the head of the line without a second of thought. However, a shaktishali (physically, verbally or via arms) person is hardly ever bypassed and if it does happen, a mayhem ensues.

Politics is no different. Linophobia can explain a majority of political chaos in Nepal in the past or present. Take the Maoists decision to drop out of government as an example. The general understanding was that the CA elections would resolve some outstanding issues. That meant "waiting in line" to reach a conclusion. But it was Linophobia, that led the Maoists to decide to launch protests through the streets. Forget the fact that they were playing a dual role of the government and the opposition even when they were in government.

In the past, you've seen Linophobia play big roles in parliamentarians' decisions, political leaders' actions and many party decisions. King Gyanendra's downfall was a direct result of Linophobia. Instead of systematically strengthening institutions, he had to go to the head of the line and bypass everyone. The result was greater chaos.