Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Who Wants Election in Nepal?

As everyone seems to be busy talking about what is good for Nepal and what is not. No one leaves any stone unturned when it comes to blaming someone for this and somebody else for that. And, in the midst of all this, the one thing that most significantly defines democracy—elections—is sidelined. So the obvious question becomes who wants election in Nepal?

The King?
No way! Given the notion that the first sitting of the CA will be empowered to decide on the fate of monarchy, there's absolutely no way the king would want to see elections being held now. He must be drooling at the way the politicians are busy blaming each other and proving once again that they have no ability to make any decisions, let alone write a new chapter in Nepal's history. Public memory is short and it wont be long before we start hearing "yo bhanda ta raja nai ramro."

The Maoists?
After talking for decades about how they are all for people power the Maoists literally got their rear ends thrashed by the Madhesis. "Support" stemming from fear and intimidation is never sustainable. The people are not stupid and will voice their disdain in the form of electoral choices the minute they get a chance. So it is virtually unimaginable that the Maoists want elections anytime soon, at least not until they have a stronger control over the state machinery.

The Mainstream Political Parties?
Their claim to fame have been hollow talks and they have never had to prove their worth. But no matter how confident they sound in the outside, they feel extremely vulnerable. What if the people finally see our flaws? What if the Maoists capture booths? What if the royalists somehow get a chunk of the pie? In such a chaotic scenario, isn't it better to simply stay put, talk – talk and talk, and avoid elections?

Foreign Powers?
Let's be honest. Foreign powers are not really interested in what happens in Nepal. They are more interested in how the situation in Nepal affects them. And let's face it. That is usually the real face of international relations any way. The powerful dictates to the weak and big guys marvel at the chaos facing the small guys. Any form of stability can only diminish the opportunity to meddle into Nepal's internal affairs like a bunch of hyenas digging into a dead deer. Why would they want the deer to suddenly come to life and escape?

The Nepali People?
It's been more than 10 years since the last elections. Lots of changes have taken place since then, mostly for the worse. How do we voice how we feel? Aren't elections the best way of getting the message across? So yes, the people are yearning to go out and vote. It's about time that they get the opportunity.

But, then again, who has ever given a damn about what the Nepali people want?


basanta said...

Very good analysis!

nnepali said...

good job !!

khojtalas said...

Honestly, I did not like this article.
Then who do you think is the Only one who wants Election in Nepal?
Is that you??

Renegademaster said...

I think he's quite right in what he's said....and altho the nepali ppl do want the elections to be held, they've been fed this rhetoric abt the elections being a panacea for all the problems we're facing as a country so i wonder if the results and actions after the elections will really satisfy them either??? esp not with the separatist ethnic grps around...

Nepali Blogger said...

Khojtalas, the last line of the article says it - only the people of Nepal want elections. The people want to see legitimacy in the process, they want to be a part of the process that could bring significant changes in Nepal. But when politicians control the wish of the people then this whole chatter about democracy is nothing but pep talk, isn't it?

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Sarki ko choro said...

Given you did this analysis long way back in June 07, I must say I am (very) impressed. You have a quite an analytical mind and we hope to read your blogs in the future.

Keep it up the good work

Anonymous said...

good job

Lellet said...

Wonderful. Very interesting!