Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Krishna Prasad Sitaula Must Go!

Twenty-eight people were massacred in Gaur last week. A similar number of people have died since the Madhesi agitation began. That puts the total number of dead people at over 50. Extortions are widespread. Beatings, lootings, and abductions are as common as daal, bhaat, tarkari. Yet no one from the government's side has had the guts to take moral responsibility and step down.

What have we come to in this country? Weren't there street protests demanding punishment to the culprits of the April Movement, where 21 people died? Now there are over 50 people dead in little more than a month and everyone is busy deciding which party gets what ministerial portfolio!

I've asked this before and I will ask it again – who is in charge in Nepal? Why hasn't the home minister resigned yet? Now, I understand that if we start asking for resignations every time someone dies or get injured, it will be a mega-chaotic situation. At the same time, however, if those responsible are not held accountable, who knows how many more lives will be lost in the future?

Sitaula must go! There's no two ways about it. This person has failed to maintain law and order, made the government look like an idiotic bunch of Maoist goons, and hasn't accomplished anything. If the government is indeed working on behalf of the "wishes of the Nepali people" as they so loudly claim, the continued presence of the inept Home Minister does nothing to enhance the cabinet's credibility.

It is sad that so many people have lost their lives. It is also unacceptable and unpardonable that so many people have died and so many others have been injured, abducted and coerced during the rule of a government whose sole responsibility, supposedly, is to work as per the wishes of the Nepali people. And if one person cannot take responsibility for his failures, then the intentions of the whole government and its allies can (and should) be strongly questioned.


Horatio said...

Well, Sitaula is still the Home Minister in the new cabinet. Is this an indication that NC wants to present a strong front against the Madhesi groups or is it again NC trying to please the Maoists by ignoring the Madhesis? Does this also prove that Sitaula is firmly in Prachanda's pocket? Whatever, the new government had better resolve the madhesi impasse if it wants to be considered a responsible government.

Anonymous said...

Shit-owla cannot be removed but some will eradicate him. He's Prachanda as bull-brother and Gidda, dellusioned 85 year old, to keep on holding on to a post as leeche.

How shameful its to cry over 19 dead when curfew was in place but not people of Madesh who were picked from houses and shot, point blank.

This just proves that evil has triumphed but now we must do the right thing.

Horatio said...

And what, anonymous, is "the right thing"? Please do be specific. And who are "we"?

Binod said...

जीबनमा नीरन्तर संघर्ष बढाउनु,र देशको नब नीमारण गर्दै बीकासको उच्चतम विन्दुमा पुग्न परदेशबाट हार्दिक शुभकामना
नयाँ बर्ष २०६४ साल को पावन आवसर मा शुभकामना साथै हजुरले आटेका सोचेका चाहेका हर मनका इच्छा आकांछा पुरा होस् साथै सुस्वास्थ्य, दीरघायु ,तथा उतर उतर प्रगती को कामना गर्दछु ।

बीनोद ढकाल
हाल यु यस ए

Nepali Blogger said...

The general expectation now is that, by inducting the Maoists in the government, you force them into becoming more accountable to their actions. My concern, though, is that we have always shied away from accountability in Nepal. After all, isn't that why Sitaula is still in the same position in a government which is supposedly "investigating" the killings during the king's rule? The only right thing I can think of now is to hope for a miracle. But, as they say, hope is not a method.

To Binod and all my readers, a very happy new year. I just hope that 2064 is when we start climbing back from the abyss.