Saturday, February 09, 2013

BRB, PKD, Nepal, Democracy and lol...

It's funny to note that the Nepali social media scene is abuzz with acronyms of political leaders' names.

"BRB thinks he can rule for 20-30 years... how could he?" a Facebook status asks.

"SK thinks BRB is more of a hardliner than PKD," proclaims another Facebook user.

"JNK and KPO say no to CJ as the next PM," a twitter post says.

"Makune is a rudderless weak bastard," a blog post says.

My response to all this? Well, LOL… or lol, depending on whether you prefer upper- or lower-case.

As I look at some of the posters of such statuses, one facinating pattern emerges. Many of them were the same fellows who were vehemently opposing GBBS in favor of GiKo and the gang who were trying to forge an alliance with CPN(M), with India's blessings of course.

Fast forward to today and these "civil society leaders" or "intellectuals" are acting as if they knew all along that BRB, PKD and the Maoists would be so rigid and hard-fisted rulers. Perhaps they did know, but they certainly didn't act like they did. For whatever reason, they insisted that any system would be better than GBBS' "autocratic" rule, even if it meant governance buy GiKo's alliance with the Maoists.

To understand how flawed this argument was, let's go back to GiKo – Girija Prasad Koirala – who I think was the worst political leader in Nepal's history. His alliance included JNK (Jhal Nath Khanal), KPO (KP Oli), Makune (Madhav Kumar Nepal) and the useless Congressis who had already proven how inept and corrupt they were. And this group was aliging with a murderous clan who had risen to prominence by slaughtering 13,000 Nepalis.

Let me be clear. I am not a Maoist supporter or even sympathiser. In fact I wrote a pretty pessimistic post about likely outcomes of Nepal's political changes back in 2007.

So this Nepali intelligentia was fawning over a return to Democray because GBBS (Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah) was declared this sinister dictator.

Let's see – deaths under the unholi GiKo alliance – over 15,000. Deaths under GBBS – less than 100. And yet the GiKo alliance was a deemed an absolute necessity at that time.

So when the same group of people now bash BRB (Baburam Bhattarai), PKD (Pushpa Kamal Dahal) and the Maoists, one has to wonder if they (the civil society "intellectuals") have any morality left in them. I also wonder if they are nudged by P to spill their venoms once again.

That's P for prabhu (God) – our friendly neighbor on the south. Like I said before… lol!

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